Sons And Doubters
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An honest conversation about the times when faith is difficult and doubt is easy, with hosts, Aaron Hale & Luke Brawner.

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    Luke and Aaron spend a few minutes looking back over the last few months and discussing their most valuable takeaways from Season 2, and looking ahead towards Season 3, which will release this Fall!

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    Paintbrushes, with Rob Bell

    Aaron and Luke discuss faith, doubt, community, the context of Scripture and the Jewish roots of Christianity with author and teacher, Rob Bell.

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    Color — with Justin McRoberts

    Luke and Aaron visit with singer/songwriter, author & pastor, Justin McRoberts about faith, doubt, community and the role art plays in navigating through each of them.

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    Rebuilding, with Brian Maines

    Aaron spends some time with his long-time friend and former bandmate, Brian Maines, discussing personal loss, grief, doubt and the role of the Church therein.

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    Space, with Chris & Bobby Bailey

    Luke and Aaron visit with twin brothers, Chris & Bobby Bailey about addiction, recovery, connection and holding space for others.

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    Lines, with David Bazan

    Aaron and Luke sit down with singer/songwriter David Bazan, to hear about his journey from faith and certainty to doubt and questioning, and how to dialogue graciously with those who disagree.

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    Luke and Aaron take a break from the normal episode format to do a mid-season check-in, talking through how the season has gone so far, and where they hope to take the conversation over the coming weeks.

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    Awkward, with Sammy Rhodes

    Aaron and Luke chat with pastor, comedian, author and Twitter personality, Sammy Rhodes, about the difference between being well-known and being known well.

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    Identity, with Jennifer Knapp

    Luke and Aaron visit with singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp about the pressures and dangers of trying to honestly wrestle with faith and doubt in the public eye.

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