Sons And Doubters
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An honest conversation about the times when faith is difficult and doubt is easy, with hosts, Aaron Hale & Luke Brawner.

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    [Announcement] The Relay

    An update and a very special announcement from Luke and Aaron!

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    Luke and Aaron spend a few minutes looking back over the last few months and discussing their most valuable takeaways from Season 2, and looking ahead towards Season 3, which will release this Fall!

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    Paintbrushes, with Rob Bell

    Aaron and Luke discuss faith, doubt, community, the context of Scripture and the Jewish roots of Christianity with author and teacher, Rob Bell.

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    Color — with Justin McRoberts

    Luke and Aaron visit with singer/songwriter, author & pastor, Justin McRoberts about faith, doubt, community and the role art plays in navigating through each of them.

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    Rebuilding, with Brian Maines

    Aaron spends some time with his long-time friend and former bandmate, Brian Maines, discussing personal loss, grief, doubt and the role of the Church therein.

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    Space, with Chris & Bobby Bailey

    Luke and Aaron visit with twin brothers, Chris & Bobby Bailey about addiction, recovery, connection and holding space for others.

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    Lines, with David Bazan

    Aaron and Luke sit down with singer/songwriter David Bazan, to hear about his journey from faith and certainty to doubt and questioning, and how to dialogue graciously with those who disagree.

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    Luke and Aaron take a break from the normal episode format to do a mid-season check-in, talking through how the season has gone so far, and where they hope to take the conversation over the coming weeks.

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    Awkward, with Sammy Rhodes

    Aaron and Luke chat with pastor, comedian, author and Twitter personality, Sammy Rhodes, about the difference between being well-known and being known well.

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    Identity, with Jennifer Knapp

    Luke and Aaron visit with singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp about the pressures and dangers of trying to honestly wrestle with faith and doubt in the public eye.

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    Gilligan Gets A Fig Leaf

    Episode 3 guest, Gideon Tsang shares a story about how his identity began taking shape as a child.

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    Puberty, with Gideon Tsang

    Aaron chats with Austin-based pastor & church-planter, Gideon Tsang about burnout, growth and the process of spiritual maturity.

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    Pragmysticism, with Science Mike

    Aaron and Luke hear the story of Science Mike McHargue's journey from belief to atheism and back and discuss how he maintains a healthy balance between faith and skepticism.

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    Luke and Aaron kick off Season 2 with an honest conversation about where they are in their personal journeys, as well as where they intend to take the show through the rest of the season.

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    Recovery, with John Mann

    Aaron and Luke close the first season having a conversation with friend and recovering addict, John Mann about his battle with anxiety and substance abuse, and his ongoing journey through recovery.

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    Aaron's Public Apology (#1)

    Aaron Hale offers the first of what will likely become many public apologies.

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    Bridges, with Scott Erickson

    Aaron and Luke visit with Portland-based artist, Scott Erickson about despair, burn-out, Heaven and why the meaninglessness of life isn't necessarily bad news.

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    Honesty, with David Ramirez

    Hosts, Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner talk to Austin-based Singer/Songwriter David Ramirez about his relationship with the Church, his journey of self-discovery and the importance of making honest art. David also shares an exclusive, live performance of one the songs from his latest album, Fables.

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    Unbelief, with Barnabas Piper

    Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner talk to Barnabas Piper about his latest book, Help My Unbelief, and about growing up as the child of prominent pastor and renowned author, John Piper.

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    Bazan, with Derek Webb

    Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner discuss the Church, practical theology and controversial artist David Bazan with self-described singer/songwriter, producer, remixer, noisetrader and agitator Derek Webb.

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    Joy, with Latifah Alattas

    Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner discuss grief, sickness and the goodness of God with singer/songwriter/producer Latifah Alattas.

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    Basketball With Marcus Mumford

    Episode 2 guest, Nathan Meredith, recounts a time when he played basketball against Mumford & Sons frontman, Marcus Mumford.

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    Favor, with Nathan Meredith

    Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner discuss the wide-spread, doubt-inducing misconception that everyone who truly loves God and follows Jesus will live a life free of pain and trial, with guest, Nathan Meredith.

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    Beginnings, with John Hatfield

    Hosts, Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner share a bit of each of their stories and discuss the differences between healthy doubt and unhealthy doubt with guest, John Hatfield.

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    A Brief Introduction

    A brief introduction to Sons And Doubters, an honest conversation about the times when faith is difficult and doubt is easy, with hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner, launching September 2nd.

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    Experience Conference Promo

    Sons & Doubters promo for The Experience Conference and the Youth Leader Experience at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, September 8-11th, 2015!

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